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Lift Your Quality of Life With The Best in Chiropractic Care

As life grows increasingly more chaotic and fast-paced, many of us are embracing a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life. We are exercising more, resting better, looking after our health, and eating better than ever before. he chiropractors at Bridge Integrative Medicine are here to help maximize your quality of life through outstanding chiropractic care.

In addition to adjustments, chiropractors also provide soft-tissue therapies, lifestyle recommendations, fitness coaching, and nutritional advice and work directly with the medical staff to give you the best outcomes from both disciplines of medicine.

But to truly capture the best that life has to offer, we need to be free of pain. Not surprisingly, neck, back, and shoulder pain can have a detrimental impact on our health, our wellbeing, and our happiness. Chiropractic care is the key to non-invasive pain management, allowing you to stay active and flexible at any age. Quality chiropractic care, by experienced chiropractors such as those here at Bridge Integrative Medicine, focus on the root cause of your discomforts, and assists in managing injury responsibly and consistently.

Bridge Integrative Medicine is conveniently located minutes from downtown Kansas City, North Kansas City, and Liberty at Englewood CT. and Broadway (Old Pike) one block East of Hwy 169 in Gladstone, Missouri.

Functional Rehab

One of the most valuable assets that we can offer our patients is the opportunity to learn what they can do for themselves. Our Functional Rehab program is targeted and directed specifically to your needs and your symptoms. Once we listen to your goals and understand your problem, we create a program that is designed to create space and rebalance injured and degenerated joints. We use very precise movements, stretches and strengthening drills to create healthy habits and low tech treatments that can be done at home – allowing you to truly prevent certain types of chronic injury.

The functional therapists at Bridge Integrative Medicine are dedicated to providing exceptional care utilizing the most progressive treatments for each patient. At Bridge Integrative Medicine, it’s about you. Our functional rehabilitation team is dedicated to formulating a treatment plan designed specifically for you. Our personalized functional rehab programs start with an evaluation of your unique qualities, abilities, and needs, to get to know you as an individual.

Weight Loss

From the desk of Dr. Chis McClenney
Director of Chiropratic Care and The Bridge Weight Loss Program.

Hello! In June of 2018, I was 295 lbs, very unhappy, and self-conscious about how heavy I was. However, it wasn’t until my weight started to interfere with my hobbies that I decided to start my weight loss journey.

I had been researching weight loss for several years trying to find the “best” “easiest” option. Always looking for that “magic pill” that would make losing weight easy and painless. I discovered like most people that there is no “magic pill” and it would require diligence and knowledge to make the changes I wanted and needed to make.

Looking through the countless diets, supplements, and programs available from more of a scientific standpoint, and not a position of need, I concluded that the ketogenic diet was steeped in both science and results. Digging deeper into the philosophy and understanding about how and why it works to improve health and as a result, promote healthy weight loss I dived as deep down that rabbit hole as I could – examining it from every aspect.

After a few years of research and knowledge-gathering, I started my journey using both intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. Without going into too much detail, all I can say is I wish I would have started this process sooner in life. I am healthier, happier, and more confident than ever. It wasn’t always easy and I made a lot of mistakes along the way – mistakes that I will help you to avoid in your journey.

As of the writing of this introduction, I am 90lbs lighter and will never go back to the way I previously ate because so many things in my life have changed for the better.

Whatever has lead you to start this journey for yourself I applaud your decision and want you to know that change is possible. It takes dedication and diligence but with that dedication, changes can and will occur.

I look forward to walking this journey with you and seeing the person you desire to emerge.

Bridge To Wellness

 B2W is a Wellness Lifestyle Behavior Modification Plan and is unique and comprehensive. This plan is designed to present a consistent strategy of prescribed lifestyle modifications and provides accountability as you seek to improve your life.  We become your GP of wellness.  The program will coach you through lifestyle management by first assessing your needs and then formulating a strategy to create a successful plan toward improved health.  Our goal is to teach you principles and tactics that move you toward self-reliance.  Enroll by calling 45 4LIFE, (816) 454-5433 and set up your first assessment with Dr. Wyllie, your wellness doctor.


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